Power Train

Coupling with Gearbox (actual version)

In the current version of the converted Mini I linked the existing gearbox with the help of a timing belt with the electric motor. An oil-pump was added to supply the gear pinions with transmission oil. I had to remove the clutch for the transmission coupling and thus I can shift gears only in standstill. I normally drive mainly in the 3rd gear since the electric motor has enough torque to accelerate the Mini reasonably form standstill to 80km/h. Only in case I have to drive up steep hills (Switzerland 😉 I switch prior the hill in 2nd gear. The maximum speed in the 3rd gear is 120km/h.

I am currently preparing an update of the solution and intend to remove the gear pinions by a single shaft which forwards the torque from the asynchronous motor directly to the differential in the gearbox housing. See some further information in the sections below.


Direct Drive (upcoming version)

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