I had to move my website to another provider. I am currently rebuilding webpage. Hope to see you soon again.


  1. Hi i want to make a mini convertion in México, would greatly appreciate all you advice and knowledge un the matter. If you can share parts list and stuff required it would be very usefull

    • Hi Andres,
      Thanks for approaching. I am currently updating my Mini with following modifications:
      1.) The Mini gets five new batteries modules (from wrecked Tesla). With this the range will increase from 70km to 170km
      2.) I will modify the gear-box and will implement a direct drive (one gear transmission only).
      Once available I will allow that people can download certain documentation (voluntary donation appreciated).
      Cheers Erich

  2. I updated under the tap “Power Train” some further “old” information about the current motor conversion (with gearbox). But please be aware that despite the fact that there is the old gearbox I had to remove the clutch with the drawback that I only can shift gears in standstill. I normally drive always in the 3rd gear since the electric motor has enough torque to accelerate the Mini reasonably. Only in case I have to drive up steep hills (Switzerland) I switch prior the hill in 2nd gear.

    Due to certain reasons I took the decision to go for a direct drive in the next upgrade step.

    Cheers Erich

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